Mission Statement: Learning for Life Vision Statement: The best choice for students and parents. Belief Statements: Learning is a lifelong
process. Collaboration of students, parents and staff has the greatest impact on student growth, Students benefit academically in a safe,
supportive and stimulating environment. The purpose of Shelters Elementary is to offer a high quality education for all students. Teachers
use the Common Core State Standards as a measure of skills that students should achieve. Teachers use ongoing assessments to check for
student achievement towards these grade level expectations. The data from these assessments help determine which students need extra
support. The data includes: Guided Reading Levels, MLPP rubric, and skill area levels for all academic areas including science and social
studies. Teachers officially turn in a list of students who need extra assistance in September, January, and March. Students who are At-Risk
receive extra support in a number of ways. Once identified students may receive extra help from an Interventionist during the day and/or
after-school tutoring. We also use school social workers to assist students who are struggling in other non-academic areas.
School Pride Statement: I am proud to be a Southgate Titan. Today I will do my best to learn new things, meet school expectations, and
demonstrate good character, and demonstrate good character. I'm a caring member of this school family, and I can't hide my Shelters pride.

Shelters Elementary School
12600 Fordline
Southgate, Michigan 48195
Phone: (734) 246 - 4631
Fax: (734) 246 - 4653

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